Get to know us as a Building Contractor: Remodels & Repairs

MRI Construction

We are a small building contractor, with big ideas. 

We originally started in 2014 as an investment company,  buying homes from auctions, short sales, bank owned, etc, in Tacoma and its surrounding areas. While working on these projects we would have people ask if we did remodels or house repairs, which at the time we didn't. Then the housing market boom began making it very difficult to buy houses at an investment price, so we jumped into the remodel and repair arena.

Investment Property, Edgewood, WA


As a building contractor we are always interested in looking at potential investments for remodel or repair in the Tacoma and surrounding areas, if the numbers pencil in.

Floor rotted out from years of window leaks


As a building contractor in the Tacoma and surrounding area, we repair houses from the exterior through to the interior, working with you all the way, so jobs get done right, on time and on budget.

Major renovation/remodel  of 1920's house in Tacoma, WA


As a building contractor in the Tacoma and surrounding area, its important for us to help our customers build their futures, by restoring the pasts through room or whole house remodels.